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‘Betty Blue Eyes’ Cast

We are delighted to announce the cast for our forthcoming production of ‘Betty Blue Eyes’ which will take place from the 7th – 11th July (inclusive) is as follows:

Gilbert Chilvers – Peter Lynn
Joyce Chilvers – Sheralyn Allon
Mother Dear – Karen Scott
Dr James Swaby – Geoff Graham
Henry Allardyce – Gary Eglinton
Frances Lockwood – Jona Robson
Meat Inspector Wormold – Clark Adamson
Mr Metcalf (Butcher) – Aaron Burton
Mrs Metcalf – Becky Howarth
Veronica Allardyce – Kate Burdon
Mrs Roach/Mrs Tillbrook & Kitt – Rowanne Allon
Mrs Lester – Anya Siou
Mrs Turnbull – Caisley Graham
Mrs Allardyce – Liz Purcell
Mrs Lockwood – Susan Haswell
PC Noble – Luke Rochester
Sutcliffe (Farmer) – Elliot Robinson
Reg Bowen (Handyman) – Rickie Mullen
Mr Barraclough (Butcher) – Alex Rochester
Mr Nutall (Butcher) – Matthew Wright
Arthur Cunliffe – Bill Watson
Mrs Cunliffe/Mrs Sutcliffe – Jo Siou

Tickets will be on sale soon!

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