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“Let Me Introduce Myself” Peter Lynn – Thomas

“Let Me Introduce Myself”
The Beautiful Game
Peter Lynn Age: 19
“……I was very pleased to be cast as Thomas and knew from auditioning that I would love playing this role. Thomas expresses himself through numerous displays of anger and aggression to life itself. I can see that the tensions between the Catholics and Protestants in the Belfast of the late 60’s and early 70’s are similar to those tensions that we can see in today’s world between religions around the globe. The Beautiful Game has a strong message to share and will demonstrate through the stage that these tensions are destructive and unnecessary at any point in history……”
“……The Beautiful Game is not just a run of the mill musical it is so much more, it is a show that has substance, strong messages, and a explosion of emotion. You will laugh one minute and cry the next, I hope that you will develop an empathy for the characters on stage but most importantly you will enjoy the experience……”
The murder of Ginger is a turning point in the show, forcing the other characters to show their hand and decide where their loyalties lie. I can relate to this scene and enjoy the emotional outpouring that it brings both for the characters and audience alike……”

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