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Media Release – Local Theatre Group Lends a Helping Hand!

A Chester-le-Street based amateur dramatics group are to support 3 local charities with their forthcoming production of ‘My Fair Lady’!

Chester-le-Street Theatre Group is to support three local charities by raising awareness and vital supplies to share with local people during their forthcoming production of ‘My Fair Lady’.  Their 3 chosen charities are NEH (North East Homeless), Re-F-use Café in Chester-le-Street and their local food bank.

Chester-le-Street Theatre Group Director, Julie Dryden told us:

One Sunday evening I was in Newcastle passing the Theatre Royal and noticed some tables set up and some wonderful volunteers dispensing hot drinks, food, warm clothing and words of kindness and support to the homeless community. This registered Charity ‘North East Homeless’ or NEH provide outreach three times weekly to their Street Friends and I have followed and supported them since that night. This experience gave me the inspiration to alter the date and location of this production to present day Newcastle and after carefully checking this out with the rights holders I have retained the original dialogue and libretto and tweaked in a Geordie accent. Within the Directors interpretation I am endeavouring to raise awareness of homelessness and support NEH, Re-f-use Café in Chester-le-Street and our local food bank as a result.

The Re-f-use Café opened in Chester-le-Street earlier this year and is part of ‘The Real Junk Food Project’ which is a rapidly growing network of organisations challenging criminal levels of food waste.  They intercept food before it becomes waste and turn it into healthy accessible meals, served on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis which means guests can pay for their meals in cash, but non-monetary donations of time or skills are just as valuable.  The café in Chester-le-Street is run by volunteers, serving food that would otherwise be wasted.

Chester-le-Street Theatre Group will be collecting for their 3 chosen charities during their forthcoming show week.  A collection point for foodbank donations can currently be found in Chester-le-Street Community Centre and yesterday some of the cast and crew of ‘My Fair Lady’ went along to the Re-f-use Café to present them with a ‘Bain Marie’. Nikki from the Re-F-use Café said “it will change our life and we are so very grateful to the Group!”.

Chester-le-Street Theatre Group’s production of ‘My Fair Lady’, which will be performed at Chester-le-Street Community Centre runs from July 10th to 14th July and tickets are priced at £10 adults or £8 concessions are available by calling the box office on 0191 388 3778.




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