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Let me introduce myself: Rowanne Georgia Allon

“Let Me Introduce Myself”

Rowanne Georgia Allon: Age 20

Character portrayed: Mary Maguire

“……… I was very happy yet surprised that I had been selected to play the part of Mary Maguire. It felt like an achievement and couldn’t wait to get started. Mary goes through a wide variety of emotions throughout the course of the show. She experiences Hope and excitement for the Future and immense sadness from the extremes of violence displayed by those around her. Mary expresses her love and happiness through her friendships and ultimately with John…………”

“………even though The Beautiful Game is set over 40 years ago it is still prominent in its portrayal of the issues still seen today. The Fear and violence of Cultures and Religions demonstrated through extremism. These extremist behaviours are still forcing people to flee their countries and indeed their lives, however, there emerges a strong feeling of Hope throughout the show for unity and peace………”

“………..the audience should be prepared to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion played out in emotive scenes of: Love, War & Loss as well as scenes of extreme Happiness, Fun & Excitement……Lets all remember that LOVE rather than Hate is powerful in addressing the problems around the World……….”

“……….I really enjoy the intensity and range of emotions that are displayed in the final scene of Act 1. Involvement is important to me for the whole cast and also the audience…….”

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Thank You David Brennan Stage Door Photography for the awesome Shots.

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