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“Let Me Introduce Myself” Alex Smith – Del Copland

“Let Me Introduce Myself”
The Beautiful Game
Del Copeland
Alex Smith Age: 18

“……I was sad that the original member of our Theatre Group had to withdraw for personal reasons and delighted to be able to take his place and play Del. Del is passionate about life and filled with all sorts of emotions including love which he expresses very well for Christine. The love he feels for Christine can only be matched for his dislike of Thomas. Companionship amongst his fellow football club teammates is very strong (in the main).
“…….I feel that the present day still reflects the religious hatred that existed in Northern Ireland and that we on the whole have not learned from the past. The Beautiful Game enables you to experience a huge variety of emotions and see history from a different angle…..”
“…..I can immerse myself in the scene depicting Ginger’s murder as it truly opens the box on the deeply divided sections of the religious communities and explores the true hatred experienced by people of the time…..”

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