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“Let Me Introduce Myself” Clarke Adamson – Farther O’Donnell

“Let Me Introduce Myself”
The Beautiful Game
Father O’Donnell
Clark Adamson Age 47
“……….when I found out that I had been successful at getting the part of Father O’Donnell I was over the moon, ecstatic and delighted. My character experiences the extremes of emotion and deals with them in many unconventional ways. From Love through Depression to absolute Rage. I see parallels with the society we live in today and that of the 60’s & 70’s and the sectarian violence of Belfast that could be felt often around the world……..”
“……An open mind is the rout to peace, love and community fellowship and all of these things are evident in this amazing production. I have embraced the character in full and feel very emotionally connected with the sadness displayed in the funeral scene following the brutal murder of Ginger, an unusual glimpse of my compassion and overwhelming humanism……”
I know that tickets are selling out very quickly so I can only advise that you GET THEM NOW!!!!

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